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Bermuda Black is the creative instinct rendered through colour, shape and texture. Subject to the immutable forces of time and nature, the human form serves as an ever evolving backdrop on which new visions can be built. Guided by the cardinal points of masculinity and femininity, the emotional and the intellectual, an ever expanding horizon beckons the wandering mind.

Based on an evolutionary design process, in defiance of fashion orthodoxy, the aim is to create a cohesive body of work that will remain current but retain a sense of vitality as time passes by. Constructed to compliment the human form, the Bermuda Black aesthetic is based on minimalist design with subtle detailing and avant-garde inspired flourishes.



Bermuda Black is a fashion label founded in 2016 by designer Marina Roorda and is based in Sydney, Australia. Adding another level of depth and creativity to Australian fashion, Marina offers her own interpretation of beauty and self expression to create a look all of her own.

As a self taught shoemaker and fashion designer without any formal training Marina, works in a contemplative manner in which the designs come to her. Maintaining the balance between rawness and precision, Marina translates her love of the conceptual and the technical into shoes and garments to create a refined, understated aesthetic.